Fausto De Martini

I started my career about working for the advertisement industry in Brazil which it was an amazing learning experience. Since I grew up playing games I set my focus to work in that industry and to accomplish this, I began developing my personal portfolio of characters, leaning towards a futuristic Sci-Fi style of Starcraft, which I was a huge fan of both the game and the Cinematics. I posted the character I was working on my spare time on forums like CGChannel and CGHub and I was able to catch Blizzard’s  attention which then landed me a job there as a Cinematic Modeler.

 After almost 10 years working at Blizzard I had the opportunity to work in the movie industry as a Concept Artist/Illustrator and was fortunate to work along many amazing artists on Robocop, Transformers 4, Kill command, Star Wars VII and currently on the Avatar Sequels.

 I have a huge passion for art and design in general so what you see here is the reflection of this passion. I’m always working on personal projects since I love the creative process of coming up with worlds, props, creatures, etc.


What makes a Great Design:
A great design should be memorable and with a great silhouette and also it needs to convey the function without much explanation. A good balance between high frequency details areas of "rest" is always a plus.
What can Kill A good Design: 
I think what it can kill a design is a lack of clarity on its intention or function. If you need to explain too much what a design is it means that visually you are not achieving the desired result.