Alex Brady

My name is Alex Brady, Im a artist working in the UK. Ive worked on a few video games and movies. Im in year 1 of a 3 year gender transition. ive always been a huge SF geek and I really liked Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park as a kid so love science and maths, talk to myself and often wear dorky black clothes bad necklaces and a goofy expression. I live in a shared house in Cambridge England full of wierdos like the one in Hey Arnold.

My favourite fictional spacecraft are the Enterprise D, the Millenium Falcon, the Sulaco and and Max from Flight of the Navigator. Honorable mention to Nel from Battle Beyond the Stars, ie the ship with boobs. All of these have designs that vary in plausibility but they are all strong distinctive designs that cant be mistaken for anything else and become characters in their own right. My advice on making cool spaceships designs is follow that example; dont just copy something you like; copy something you like then change it in crazy ways and make it your own!