Kemp Remilliard

Kemp Remillard has been a professional concept artist/illustrator since 2004. In 2015 Kemp illustrated The Dorling Kindersley (DK) publication Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross Sections in conjunction with Lucasfilm. Other notable work includes concept design for Hasbro on properties such as G.I.Joe and Transformers. Kemp has worked for a number of clients including DARPA, Northrop Grumman, Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Playboy, Riot Games, Cartoon Network, UnderArmor, Starz, Sony, CCP, THQ, Electronic-Arts, 2k, Suckerpunch, Cloud Imperium Games, Guerrilla Games, Nintendo, Sega, Lucas-Arts, Bethesda, Fox Sports, MTV, NCsoft, Konami, Factor 5, and Vicious Cycle . In 2005 he joined the successful commercial art studio Massive Black where he continues to be a Senior Concept Artist to this day. Kemp is also the co-designer and editor of Massive Black: Volume 1 & 2 through Ballistic Publishing. Kemp enjoys art, design, humans, vehicles, characters, war, peace, space, history and lots of other subjects which helps dissecting something like the Star Wars universe. He lives in San Francisco. 

What makes a good space ship design? What do i look for in good design?

Good design communicates ideas clearly and suspends disbelief enough for the audience to forget that it’s fake. It’s a really good design when it inspires your inspiration and makes you want to exist in the same world. In short, a well designed ship makes you want to fly it!

What kills a design? 

Anything that causes the viewer to become confused about what they’re looking at or kills your suspension of disbelief. For example, an excess of erroneous details that don’t inform or suggest the nature of the concept ship’s construction, function or purpose.