Kory Hubbel

Kory is currently a Seattle based concept artist working for Amazon Game Studios on an unannounced PC game. His past credits and clients include Halo 4, Halo 5, Wildstar, Firefall, Applibot, Privateer Press,  Fantasy Flight Games, Flying Frog Games, Liquid Development, Challenge Games, Zynga Austin, and various others. 

What I look for in a design- In regards to design, I typically look for interesting, new shapes with a well balanced hierarchy throughout- Big, medium and small in all things. The rule of odds and 70/30 work well and I look to see that the designer clearly thought about rest areas, grouping of detail, and placement/flow of shapes. Rhythm and repetition of angles, lines and shapes are also very important to me. On top of all that, I really like to be able to immediately have some idea of the story or function behind a design.

What can kill a design for me- A design can easily killed by over-complication. I struggle with this myself because it's fun to draw details. Too many small, similarly sized shapes and/or detail covering something from head to toe in a seemingly arbitrary or random manner will usually destroy a piece for me. Angles of attack and cut-lines with little thought to flow, rhythm, or rest can tank a design quickly as well.