Mathias Verhasselt

Mathias Verhasselt is a self taught concept artist from France. After studying Science, his passion for computer graphics led him to work as a 3D and Generalist in Paris, France, working on game cinematics, architectural visualisation and commercials. He moved to the United States in 2007 to work at Blizzard Entertainment's Cinematics department, and his favorite pastime is geeking out on past, current, and future space exploration. 

He is currently the Art Director on Blizzard Animation's short films for the new IP "Overwatch".  

What makes a "good" design in my opinion : 

 The designs that usually catch my eye feel like they have depth. By depth I mean that there's a thinking process involved, knowledge, and a passion for the subject. Feeling that passion, and the unique perspective of the artist, communicated through the picture or design is why I enjoy visual art. In short : love something and try to communicate that love to the best of your ability :) 

Also, if you're designing a spacecraft, don't forget the fuel tanks !