A concept spaceship design competition

CGSociety Challenge

Engines Roaring : Gravity defying : World Exploring : Mission Flying

THRUST: CGSociety’s 15th year Anniversary Challenge It’s out of this World!


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  • Best FIGHTER ship

    Just as it sounds, design the baddest fighter ship this side of the galaxy. Think speed, maneuverability, and guns... Lotsa guns. We want to see some thought and plausibility here. Think about getting in and out of the ship and use space creatively for weapons and details. Throw in a pilot or two to show the scale of your ship.

    For 3D, big bonus points for turntable renders. Texture light and animate your model. Make it shoot, blow us away!

  • Best Mother ship

    We love giant hulks wandering space in search of science and adventure. Think U.S.S. Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica, Sulaco or the SDF-1 We are looking for scale here. Large ships with plenty of construction to give the viewer a sense of purpose and wonder. Details such as lights, hangar bays and smaller craft will aid in scale. Compose your render in a way that tells a story and captivates the viewer. We know it's space but add some atmosphere! Bonus points for a turntable render here as well. Think contrasting surface properties and color values to break up your ship for maximum readability.


    Design a pilot and mechanic crew on a space mission. What does a fighter pilot and mechanic crew aboard a long distance space exploration mission look like? Think NASA or Sci-Fi. This is a character/fashion design exercise. We want to see cohesive design elements tying the crew together. Human or Alien, design for the runway to the runway. Bonus points for setting characters in an architectural setting to show overall design aesthetic and direction.

    For 3D, bonus points for turntable and or animation.

How to participate?

  • 1Register

    Register with Both the CGSociety and The CGSociety Challenge site (a single click with Facebook) powered by phantomworks.xyz acknowledging the rules, terms and agreement!

  • 2Submit your work!

    Create an initial thread here​. ​to get started Post the flag of your country or conceptual flag you will use to compete in the international CGSociety Challenge​.​ ​A​nnounce what category you plan to compete in. Begin ​competing, posting ​r​efrence or comments​.​

  • 3Share feedback

    ​Make sure to post all finished and final work on the Thrust CGChallenge gallery This is where your works will be highlighted to give you an advantage as well as where all entries will be judged here: CGSociety

Judging Criteria

We have put together a strategic way to play by breaking judges up into different skill sets you can use to impress inquire or gain the competitive advantage.​

The Helping Hand Awards will be decided along with the first round of 30 Players Internally by CGS Staff and Moderators.

Round​ 2 will be Judged by our Guest panel of Talent from fields in Film, Game, Science, Defense, Toy, and Manufacturing.

Below is a list of our judging panel and specifics that appeal to each

Going Pro

Like the first piece of your portfolio. Strive for perfection

Igor Tkac & Travis Bourbeau

Gurmukh Bashin (Star Citizen)

George Hull (Bladerunner 2, Jupiter Ascending, Elysium, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Star wars 8)

Daniel Simon Space X , Disney Imagineering, Oblivion

Nick Pugh (Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, X- Men First Class, RIPD)

Harald Belker (Anki Drive, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Star Trek Into Darkness)

Fausto Di Martini (Robocop 2014, Transformers 4, Star Wars 7, Avatar Sequels)

John Park (Brainstorm, Captain America, Avatar 2)

Sam Brown (Sr Concept artist Massive Black, Halo 5)

Kemp Remilliard (Star Wars 7 Cross Sections, G I Joe Killzone 2)

Kory Hubbel (Halo 4, Halo 5, Wildstar)

Heikki Antilla (Blur Studio,Halowars, Force Unleasshed Far Cry 3)

Technically Correct

Judges in this category come from places like MIT, Aerospace...

Barmakh Heshmat (Researcher at MIT, with a ph.d in photonics)

David Levy (Assassin's creed, Tron Legacy, Prometheus, Avatar Sequels)

Enzo Vito (Aerospace Engineer)

Encho Enchev (Ghost recon SW, Assassin's creed III liberation, A.C. IV Black Flag,Tom Clancy's the division)

Mathias Verhasselt Senior Cinematic Artist at Blizzard Entertainment)

Tom Alfaro (Research Scientist at Schafer Corporation, DARPA, Air Force)

Michael Interbartolo (New Business Development NASA)

The Right Stuff

Character Design and Consistency

Kevin Lanning (Epic Games)

Josh Herman (Legacy, Naughty Dog, Marvel)

Adam Skutt (Naughty Dog, Epic Games)

Ian Joyner (Legacy, Warner Bros, Marvel)

View our judges


1st Place per category

  • Z-Brush license ($795)

  • Keyshot Pro license ($549)

  • Megascan license (1 year)

  • Quixel Suite

  • Marvelous Designer license

  • 1 year subscription

  • $500 voucher

  • GPU-accelerated render license

  • Mentorship voucher worth $2,200

  • Class voucher worth $800

  • $300 voucher for Scans

  • HDRI bundle

  • VR-Plugin Professional license for Maya

  • Shirt with winning design

  • 12,500 Rendering Points

2nd Place per category

  • Wacom Tablet ($350)

  • Quixel Suite

  • 6 months subscription

  • Digital Models ($200)

  • Voucher for class ($800)

  • $150 voucher worth of Scans

  • HDRI bundle

  • VR-Plugin Professional license for Maya

  • $1,300 voucher for CGWorkshop

  • Shirt with winning design

  • 8,500 Rendering Points

  • 1 license of ZSceneManager

3rd Place per category

  • Quixel Suite

  • Anatomy Book

  • $100 Voucher on Digital Models

  • $100 voucher on scans

  • $700 voucher for class

  • $700 voucher for Class

  • Shirt with winning design

  • 4,000 Rendering Points

Helping Hand bonus

  • Quixel Suite

  • Book, Bust, 1 year subscription

  • Class

  • Class

  • Shirt with winning design

  • 3 X 3,000 Rendering Points

Challenge Rules


To participate, you must agree to the terms and agreement and be registered at both the Challenge Forum at www.phantomworks.xyz and at the CG Society Thrust Gallery

Game Play

Whether you’re submitting your 2D or 3D concepts, we want to see where you are gathering your reference from and what inspires you. Make sure to post your reference boards and feel free to show sketches or stages along the way.

Put some color, labels and history into your character or craft. Be creative with interiors, mechanics, gear, etc. Highlight your craft as if you were selling it to the highest bidder and incorporate as many variations as you please. Remember: your craft must include the flag of the country you represent or fictitious nation you create.

Each judge will have their own forum to help you with tips and advice on how to impress each of them. Check their individual pages for more information.

NOTE: inspiration is encouraged, copying is not.


• Best Fighter 
• Best Mothership 
• Pilot/Crew/Mechanic

Final Submissions

Your submissions must contain at least 5 images showcasing different views and stages. Also make sure to include your reference board.

The Challenge Forum is your sandbox to play in and exchange advice and comments, but all final images must be posted in both the forum and the finished and finals THRUST gallery on CG Society. Deadline for submissions is July 19th.

Resolution needs to be at least 2500x2500 (JPEG only).


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards​will be offered for each of the three categories.

Helping Hand Award

We are also offering a special bundle of prizes and prestige for our experts out there willing to lend a hand to our participants. Jump in! Give friendly advice, links to reference, and technical/story elements on a regular basis. We will notice and reward one winner per category handsomely for it.